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9125 Parkers Landing Units 8 - 10 Orlando, FL 32824 844-526-3226

8855 Casa Verde Road Orlando, FL 32827 407-299-2110

5454 Hoffner Ave Suite 104 Orlando, FL 32812

9125 Parkers Landing Orlando, FL 32824

2513 Curry Ford Rd Orlando, FL 32806

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EnhancedClean is a Three-Step Approach to Creating
Healthier Spaces

Step One: Return Safely
Step One: Return Safely

A comprehensive site assessment produces a framework for wellbeing that helps build occupant trust. A one-time deep cleaning of your site readies your facilities for occupancy.

Step Two: Frequent High Touch Disinfection
Step Two: Frequent High Touch Disinfection

A recurring cleaning and disinfection program further instills occupant confidence. Occupant communications reiterate mutual social contracts.

Step Three: Disinfect Broadly
Step Three: Disinfect Broadly

After-hours electrostatic spraying goes beyond daily high touch point disinfection and resets facilities to higher standards. It’s performed at periodic intervals based on your facility’s risk profile.

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