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West Drayton, GB-LND Facilities Engineering Solutions & Services

Are you in need of facility management personnel in West Drayton, GB-LND? How efficient are your operations? Is your equipment being maintained the way it should be? Do you know the answers to all these questions? If not, then consider consulting with ABM about our facility management services. Our services extend beyond janitorial services, requiring highly skilled and trained team members.

Maintenance Repairs and Operations

In the discussion of facilities management, the topic of facility maintenance often comes up. It is true that the support of the property and equipment is the critical role of managers. However, often overlooked is the importance of operations management in the process. Facility managers are mainly concerned with the efficient and safe operation of a business or enterprise. Therefore, maintaining the property and equipment is essential, but so is the ability to organize and interpret data to ensure offices, stock, warehouses and other commercial spaces continue safe and clean operations.

Clinical Engineering

Clinical engineering is a necessary part of healthcare technology management. The role of facility engineering management in terms of healthcare settings and outside of them is to improve the efficiency and utilization of medical systems, applications and devices. Primarily, ABM has a specialization in managing and maintaining such equipment and services, allowing medical practices to worry less about dependability and oversight of equipment and more on personnel and patients or clients. The role of a facility manager in this setting is to acquire, inspect, maintain and eventual dispose of and replace equipment as needed.

Mechanical and Electrical

In addition to the maintenance of your property, the teams at ABM are specially trained to handle your mechanical and electrical systems. For example, HVAC systems and boilers require routine maintenance and analysis to ensure adequate and purposeful operations. However, care for these delicate and essential pieces of equipment goes beyond replacing filters. Therefore, it is a good idea to have a dedicated team familiar with your equipment to ensure continued and safe operations

Plumbing and General Labor

Beyond engineering and mechanical maintenance, ABM can provide teams for plumbing and general labor. Plumbing in commercial buildings can include anything from fire suppression systems to leaky faucets or running toilets. General labor will typically include things like carpentry and even locksmithing. Also, landscaping maintenance may be included as well. It is our goal to ensure that your property is clean and capable of productive business operations.

Handyman Services

Last, ABM offers a variety of handyman services. For those unfamiliar with the term, a handyman is a skilled laborer who specializes in minor repairs and interior and exterior work. While these jobs will not typically require engineering knowledge, it is necessary to note that every ABM team member is a skilled tradesman.

If you are in need of facility services in West Drayton, GB-LND, then consider contacting an ABM representative to discuss specific services. With over 100 years in business, we know a thing or two about providing a quality customer experience, and we take pride in hiring and maintaining one of the best teams in the business.

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