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Greensboro, NC Energy Management Solutions & Services

Maintaining an energy efficient environment is more important than ever. Not only can efficient energy solutions help to reduce your operating costs but also, efficiency is what consumers expect. At ABM, we make it our mission to provide energy management solutions designed to help small, medium and large businesses reduce expenses related to equipment, maintenance and operations. As a leading energy service company, we offer innovative, cost-effective and sustainable solutions across all types of industries in Greensboro, NC.

Save Money While Promoting Sustainability

Facilities maintenance managers and administrators often struggle to keep up with ever-changing regulations and consumers’ demands without going over the allocated budget. ABM’s energy performance contracting experts have ample experience assessing buildings’ needs, identifying opportunities for savings and implementing solutions guaranteed to resolve budget challenges, all while increasing energy efficiency. The benefits of using our EPC services are many:

  • Maximize your existing budget
  • Increase energy efficiency
  • Asset protection
  • Qualification for grants, utility rebates and other programs
  • Real-time monitoring and optimization
  • Guaranteed savings

In addition to monetary savings, clients who work with our ESCO often report time savings as well. When we take over the burden that is energy management, productivity across all areas increase, and not just where building maintenance is concerned.

Sustainable Solar Energy in Greensboro, NC

Solar power possesses a world of potential for businesses that have the foresight to use it. When you work with ABM to devise and implement a solar program for your company, you have the potential to outpace the competition in more ways than one. From reducing operating costs to increasing sustainability to securing a green image, you will reap many advantages from your decision to go solar. Tangible benefits of solar installation include the following:

  • Reduced expenditure on energy
  • Stabilized energy costs
  • Increased revenue
  • Heightened employee satisfaction and morale
  • Improved bottom line
  • Enhanced reputation and environmental responsibility

Better yet, when you elect to use our energy performance contracting services, you can take advantage of the many benefits without assuming any of the risk. Our team will design, install, manage and finance the panels all while your facilities maintenance manager and team stay firmly planted on the ground.

Charging Stations for Electric Vehicles in Greensboro, NC

With over 300,000 electric vehicles on the road today and counting, the way drivers fuel up and go has fundamentally changed. It’s the responsibility of business owners to meet both consumers’ and employees’ changing demands by incorporating EV charging stations into their parking structures and lots. Having a charging station on your premises doesn’t just benefit those who work for you. Your brand will benefit as it becomes synonymous with energy efficiency and green beliefs.

To ensure the utmost efficiency and streamlined installation, AMB has partnered with ChargePoint, a leader in charging station manufacturing. Together, ABM and ChargePoint work to equip businesses with charging solutions that will remain both convenient and sustainable for years into the future.

Invest in Energy Management Solutions in Greensboro, NC

If you have yet to invest in green energy solutions, you’re missing out on a wealth of savings and other tangible and intangible benefits. At ABM, we don’t just want you to realize your full potential — we want you to surpass it. We can help you do that through reliable and trusted EPC services. To learn more about how our solutions can benefit your company and its bottom line, call 866-624-1520 or submit a note via our online contact form.

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