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ABM Facility Services in Cincinnati, OH

When you think of Cincinnati cleaning services, energy reduction programs, and other facility services management offerings, think ABM.  There's a good reason we have so many satisfied Cincinnati facility services clients.  Our experience managing facility services for clients with diverse and sensitive needs sets us apart.  Some key Cincinnati facility services industries we can service include:

  • Manufacturing facilities - Our processes and leading-edge technology ensure that industrial and manufacturing plants, distribution centers, petrochemical facilities, etc. are able to run efficiently while we handle the 'dirty work. 
  • Sports and entertainment venues' building maintenance, security, parking, and cleaning services
  • Environmental services for hospitals, including protocols for clean room maintenance
  • Schools, including K-12 and Higher Education - We offer schools a wide array of services, including cleaning, engineering and security services.

Cincinnati clients have turned to ABM for cost-effective facility services without sacrificing quality.  While some companies may underbid us, bargain services can often cost you more due to those companies' lack of expertise.  We have over 100 years of experience in the facilities services industry, and our expertise and leading-edge technology is unsurpassed.  With our proven commercial cleaning services, you can focus on your business, confident that ABM is handling your 'dirty work'.

Learn More About our Cincinnati Facility Services

ABM's Cincinnati facility services programs include:

  • Janitorial Services, including general Cincinnati cleaning services, green cleaning, carpet cleaning, hard surface floor care, furniture/upholstery, and blind and drapery maintenance
  • Specialty, including construction cleanup, metal and marble restoration, pressure washing, recycling, payroll services and window cleaning 
  • Engineering & Facility Maintenance, including safety and training, expert technicians, payroll and benefits administration, property assessments, and sustainability initiatives
  • Parking Management, including valet and shuttle service, signage and graphics, revenue control, and enforcement
  • Landscaping, including design and installation, irrigation system maintenance and installation, sports turf maintenance, integrated pest management, seasonal floral programs, arbor care, ancillary services, snow removal, and parking lot sweeping
  • Energy Management & Other Building Services, including mechanical system improvements, industrial process optimization, power factor correction, and data collection and energy management/metering technologies
  • Clean Room Maintenance, including contamination control, prevention of electrostatic discharge, filtering systems and other specialized equipment, and adherence to strict protocols, measurements, and emergency procedures
  • Improvement District Maintenance, including street cleaning, pressure washing, and graffiti and litter removal

Contact us here to learn more about how ABM can handle your Cincinnati cleaning services and other facility services needs.

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