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ABM Facility Services in Philadelphia, PA

Comprehensive Facility Services in Philadelphia, PA

The historic city of Philadelphia continues to be a thriving regional center for business, education, and healthcare. A hub for financial services, it is home to the headquarters of seven Fortune 1000 companies and the Philadelphia Stock Exchange. Global industry leaders in healthcare, pharmaceuticals, and engineering also have headquarters or significant corporate presence in the city. Historical sites and museums, including the Liberty Bell, are among the city’s top attractions. ABM’s Philadelphia office is here to support a variety of facilities management needs throughout the area.

Where You Can Find Us

We have a central location in Philadelphia, as well as a location in Essington that may be more convenient for outlying areas. Offices in Wilmington, DE and Burlington, NJ are situated at locations adjacent to the Pennsylvania border and can be another option for facilities closer to these areas.

How We Can Help

If you are tired of negotiating pricing, services and schedules with an assortment of specialist providers, ABM offers the opportunity to get all your facility maintenance services from one source. Because we are a nation-wide organization, we have the experts and resources to address virtually any facilities issue in a large range of industries. Our Philadelphia team can draw on these resources with the additional benefit of knowing and understanding local needs.

At ABM, we know that facility service cannot work through a one-size-fits-all approach. We work with our clients to identify needs and priorities; then we create customized, cost-effective solutions that scale and keep working for you for years to come.

Like you, we want what is best for your operations. Whether your facility is a university, an archival center, or a chemical production plant, we aim to create an environment conducive to top performance, energy efficiency, cost-effectiveness, customer satisfaction, and sustainability.

Core Building Services

Keeping your facilities in top shape, in terms of appearance and function, requires addressing several key aspects. You may choose to address one, several, or all of these areas when selecting your services. Our top service areas include:

  • Energy: Efficient energy delivery is a top concern when operating any facility. You want energy sources to be dependable and cost-efficient. Our energy experts can develop the right approach for you based on existing conditions and your own goals. We install and service cost-cutting solar systems as well as overall energy upgrades that will continue to save you money in the long term.
  • Parking & Transportation: Especially in busy city centers such as Philadelphia that spring up around historic streets and sites, parking facilities need to be at the top of their game in terms of efficiency and convenience. In addition to managing and upgrading your parking facilities, we offer shuttle services and valet parking.
  • Mission Critical: Keeping unscheduled downtime and outages at bay is vital to the health of your operation. Mission critical downtime not only disrupts your operations, it can also damage expensive equipment. ABM professionals use their expertise to implement tested processes to keep your facility going at all times.
  • Facilities Engineering: ABM understands the factors that often affect productivity: environment, safety, energy efficiency, planning, and equipment. We produce integrated solutions that ensure every component of your facilities are performing optimally.

ABM handles a wide variety of facilities projects. We can upgrade existing systems or install new ones, optimize all of your systems, or address a particular component. We provide regular service and maintenance as well.

Our Industry Expertise

From the cleaning materials used by the maintenance workers to the power support for sensitive equipment, each industry has its own requirements for its facilities operation. ABM understands this and has developed expertise in a variety of industries, including aviation, retail, industrial, healthcare, and education.

Whatever your goals, ABM can create custom plans that address your concerns and surpass your expectations. Contact us using our online form and let us know what we can do to make your facilities better.
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