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Electrical Solutions Includes

  • Electrical and Lighting Repairs & Upgrades
  • Energy Efficient Lighting Upgrades
  • Predictive & Preventative Maintenance
  • Infrared Thermal Imaging
  • NFPA 70E Compliance
  • Power Quality Solutions
  • Electrical Engineering & Commissioning
  • Arc fault/Flash Prevention & Mitigation
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Ponce Area Commercial Electrical Lighting & Testing Contractors | ABM #1506

Commercial Electrical and Lighting Solutions in Ponce, Puerto Rico

ABM specializes in commercial electrical solutions to help businesses across many industries achieve their electrical, energy, and lighting goals. We lay the groundwork that enables your facility and your business to run smoothly. Our expert commercial electrical team has in-depth experience, utilizes the newest techniques, and works with innovative technology to deliver custom solutions that meet your needs, reduce costs and improve productivity.

Commercial Electric Lighting in Ponce, PR

Keeping your facility well-lit is key to productivity, security, and appearance. We provide commercial electric lighting services to optimize the efficiency of your facility. Our lighting systems cut operating costs, lower your risk of system failure, and reduce your environmental impact while enhancing your premises with brilliant light. Our Ponce, PR lighting services include:

  • Expert installation
  • Repair, maintenance, and updates
  • Energy efficiency retrofits
  • ATM lighting design
  • Sign lighting systems and repairs
  • Landscape lighting
  • Pole inspections and replacement

Checks, Tests, and Certifications

The safety and efficiency of your Ponce facility is our main priority. Electrical testing ensures that your systems are operating optimally without excessive waste. If you own any commercial or industrial property, you should get your electrical and lighting systems checked every few years and ABM’s team of electrical experts are equipped to conduct comprehensive tests to ensure your wiring is safe and adheres to regulations.

All employers, retailers, and landlords are required to ensure all customers, employees, and tenants are safe when operating electrical equipment. ABM electricians take care of testing your appliances for compliance and repairing them when necessary. We also install and fix fire alarms, smoke alarms, and security systems.

Charging Electric Vehicles

For the over 300,000 electric vehicles on the road, refueling is now accomplished with EV charging stations. This provides businesses an opportunity to establish charging stations on-site. By installing charging stations at your Ponce, PR facility, you advance sustainability goals, save employees on gas, and improve your image to consumers. Charging stations may also prevent turnover by meeting customer and employee needs conveniently. ABM provides EV charging solutions for the following industries today:

  • Commercial buildings
  • Aviation
  • Healthcare
  • Retail
  • Government
  • Banking
  • Education
  • Golf courses
  • Industrial
  • Residential multi-family

ABM will help you throughout the process of installation and maintenance; including Ponce site evaluation, installation, equipment sales, warranty services, regular maintenance, and repairs. Our partnership with ChargePoint allows us to implement inclusive charging plans that serve various electric and hybrid vehicle types and brands. We even provide guidance to offset your consumption with energy storage. Our purchasing power allows us to reduce your costs of our charging equipment, making for a highly cost-effective partnership.

Maintenance and Repair Support

Electrical and lighting systems have evolved and becoming more complex. With innovation comes with regulation and compliance can be difficult without expertise. ABM experts in Ponce will ensure your electrical systems are up to date and will maintain them with compliance and longevity in mind. We will ensure your systems are up to date and compliant with all new regulations. No matter your requirements or budget, ABM is ready to expertly maintain your system and save you money.

Safety and Reliability

If you are an owner or operator of your facility, you must adhere with OSHA regulations to prevent electrical hazards that could cause serious injuries. Compliance with NFPA 70E is key to creating a safe environment for everyone. NFPA 70E helps facilities and employees adhere to OSHA standards and reduce injuries such as electrocution, shock, arc blast, and arc flash. We help facilities become compliant in three steps:

  1. Analyzing hazards and risks
  2. Safety training with employees and contractors
  3. Electrical preventative maintenance

ABM proactive maintenance programs are key to ensuring continual compliance with safety regulations. We will ensure your facility is safe and comfortable for employees and vendors. Promoting safety and reducing liability.

ABM Comprehensive Solutions

When it comes to the operating capabilities of commercial facilities, ABM gets it right every time. From small lighting systems to robust electrical systems, we are here to serve businesses owners, property owners, and landlords across various industries. From evaluations to installation and maintenance, we ensure facilities are cost-effective, energy efficient, reliable, safe, and compliant.

Build Value with ABM

If you want to improve your facilities and want to learn more about our electrical solutions call 866-226-2838 or fill out a sales inquiry.

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