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5001 Eagle St Anchorage, AK 99503

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Anchorage Area Facility Management & Maintenance Service | ABM #755

ABM Facility Management & Building Maintenance | Anchorage

Go about your business and leave your buildings to ABM, the experts in facility management. With more than 100 years of experience in building maintenance, ABM has the tools, technology and expertise to plan, install and maintain the systems, spaces and equipment that are critical to your infrastructure and daily operations. You’ll find us taking care of our business in the middle of several others; our Anchorage office is at 5001 Eagle St., in the mid-town area off of East International Airport Road.

Janitorial Services

It’s nobody’s favorite chore at home or work, but daily building maintenance in the form of cleaning and stocking supplies is a necessity for any facility. ABM can take this job off your hands and see to it that your building sparkles. Clean, well-maintained spaces, including workrooms, lunchrooms and bathrooms, can make employees feel more appreciated and help everyone stay focused on the job at hand. They also make a good impression on your clients.

Facility Maintenance

Along with cleaning, we’ll help keep things ship-shape inside and out. We’ll tackle building management, including handyman services such as painting, carpentry, tiling and more. We can install and maintain energy-efficient HVAC units, repair and replace plumbing and work with building-wide systems to ensure they remain compliant with standards and working efficiently.

Energy and Electrical

Energy costs can take a significant bite out of your monthly budget. Let our experts develop a facilities management plan to increase your building’s energy efficiency and lower your utility costs. We’ll work with your employees in mind to ensure they don’t freeze or swelter so that they can remain productive. From installation to ongoing maintenance, we’ll ensure systems for electrical distribution and lighting continue to perform at peak efficiency.

Many Additional Services

From landscaping and building infrastructure to parking and transportation, ABM provides a wealth of facility management services. Make ABM in Anchorage your partner in running your building and caring for the people who use it, and spend your time taking care of business. Contact us today to discuss what we can do for you.

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