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ABM Facility Services in Los Angeles, CA

Building Maintenance and Facility Services – Los Angeles, CA

Los Angeles is often the epitome of what people envision when they think of California. It is full of celebrities, palm trees, and plenty of beaches in addition to sunny and warm weather pretty much year round. In 2016, the city finally passed the four million population mark, meaning that it is still growing in spite of its already large population. Industry here has a lot to offer, and ABM’s facilities management services assist in making sure these businesses successfully serve their clients.

Where Dreams Come True

Located in Los Angeles County, L.A. is home to many famous neighborhoods and landmarks, one of the most notable of which is Hollywood. Most people associate Hollywood with celebrities and movies, as well they should – you can see the famous Hollywood sign while taking in local shopping venues, seeing shows at theaters like the Pantages, and walking the literally star-studded sidewalk of the Hollywood Walk of Fame. If you’re up for amusement park adventure and want to see some of the magic behind the movie scenes, be sure to check out Universal Studios.

There's more to L.A. than Hollywood. There are also beaches galore where you can enjoy the Pacific Ocean. If you’re into hiking and great views, Griffith Park offers plenty of trails and the local L.A. Zoo. Don’t forget to take in some art exhibits over at the Getty Center while you’re at it, or enjoy a baseball came with the L.A. Angels at Angels Stadium. All of this is in addition to the diverse cuisine the city has to offer -- whatever type of dish you’re looking for, La La Land is bound to have it.

ABM Services Help You Focus On Your Dream

ABM knows one of the most important parts of any business is customer satisfaction. This, is why we support businesses all around L.A. by helping expertly maintain their facilities while they meet the needs of their clients. From retail to aerospace, we can assist in just about any industry. What exactly can we help with?

  • Facilities Engineering: Worried that you’re not using your building system to their greatest potential? We analyze your facilities and consult with you to devise solutions to make your business more efficient and cost effective.
  • Landscape & Turf: Our team will keep your lawns and landscapes pristine and water-efficient by managing the turf and appearance of the campus outside your facilities.
  • Parking & Transportation: We design and manage parking facilities and can help you optimize your space, including with the installation of EV charging stations. We also offer transportation services such as valet and shuttles.
  • Janitorial: Our experienced team can help manage the cleanliness, sanitation, and sustainability of your facility, including taking care of offices, common areas, clean rooms, production space, lobbies and restrooms, and more.
  • Energy Solutions: In a city known for its smog, sustainability is important. We find energy efficiency solutions to save you money, meet regulations, and better the environment.
  • Electrical: We analyze your current electricity and power use and come up with solutions to save you money and optimize performance.
  • HVAC & Mechanical: Keep facility interiors at optimum temperature and comfort while improving air quality by allowing us to manage your HVAC and mechanical systems.

Get Started Right Away

With ideal weather and so many fun tourist and local attractions, it seems like there is never an off-season in L.A. At ABM, we know your focus needs to be on providing the best experience for your many occupants, visitors, and customers. Let us handle the day-to-day maintenance of your facilities to make your job easier. To find out more about the varied services we can offer businesses in your area, contact us today.
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