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California ABM Facility Management & Building Maintenance

California is a western state in the United States that extends along the Pacific ocean for nearly 900 miles. Its gorgeous landscape is impressively varied and features lush redwood forests, warm beaches, protruding mountains and expansive deserts. There is also plenty of farmland as well as plentiful industrial areas in the state. Owning a business here can be very rewarding, especially if you make sure your building and property are well-maintained and attractive to visitors. ABM offers exceptional facility management services that allow you to focus on important business matters while knowing your facilities are being cared for.

Available Services

Whether you’re in the aviation industry or technology and manufacturing, our facilities management services will work for you. Here are a few of the top service options from which you can choose:

  • Energy: Our energy services can help make your building run more efficiently and cost-effectively. From installation to maintenance, we offer all the services you need in our sustainable energy management program.
  • Parking: Parking in California can be a challenge, but we can help. Our parking services help your employees and guests find safe and secure parking. We even offer shuttle services and valet parking for your convenience.
  • Janitorial: Our janitorial building maintenance program offers all the custodial services you could possibly want. We use green cleaning products and leading techniques to clean facilities safely, quickly and efficiently.
  • HVAC and Mechanical: HVAC and mechanical installation and maintenance are important parts of any building management plan. We’ll make sure all your mechanical and HVAC systems run as they should.
  • Facilities Engineering: Want to have complete confidence in the productivity of your environment? Our facilities engineering services reduce labor and cost while increasing value.

    • No matter what service or combination of services you request from us, we will deliver them with utmost attention to quality.

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