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9326 Florida Palm Drive Tampa, FL 33619 813-654-9000

5028 Tampa West Blvd Tampa, FL 33634 813-888-7500

4100 George J Bean Pkwy Tampa, FL 33607

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ABM Building and Facility Management in Tampa

The greater Tampa Bay area is famous for its tropical climate, tourist destinations and friendly people. Tampa is also known for unique building maintenance challenges such as high humidity, salty air, torrential rains and year-round heat. Insurance premiums are high and repairs are expensive. At ABM we offer comprehensive, local expertise in facilities management to ensure you can reduce costs and reliably improve your property.


We have four convenient offices locations in Tampa:

  • Two offices just north of Tampa International Airport (zip code 33634)
  • Hyde Park/Tampa Heights (zip code 33602)
  • Palm River-Claire (zip code 33619)

    • Services

      With over 50 years of experience in building management, we know what Tampa businesses need.  Our most popular local services include green sustainability solutions, electrical engineering, facilities process improvement, parking, transportation and HVAC (especially air conditioning).

      • ABM GreenCare: Optimize recycling, green cleaning and energy efficiency to save you money and improve sustainability. LEED points can be earned through this program
      • Electrical: Hardware installation for lighting and electricity ensures cost-savings and protects against common environmental risks of heat, humidity and water
      • Facilities: Infrastructure process improvements to boost safety, health, efficiency, comfort and productivity in the workplace
      • Parking: Water runoff analysis and parking lot drainage plans to limit the risk of flood damage and accelerate the drying process after a water event
      • Transportation: Shuttles, valet parking and outdoor facility management solutions
      • HVAC: Fast, reliable repair and upgrades for HVAC systems, especially year-round air conditioning service

        • Contact Us

          We know that each business has unique needs. Whether you need a one-time high-tech cleanup crew, or are considering an expansion of property and need solid advice on landscaping and groundskeeping, we eagerly seek to customize a solution that fits your needs. Contact us today by visiting our Tampa webpage (scroll down to complete the service request online form) or call 866-624-1520 to speak to our experts.

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