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New York ABM Facility Management & Building Maintenance

New York is one of the busiest states in the nation, with industries leading the way on not just a national front, but a global scale. From healthcare to technology and manufacturing to education, the people of New York are making a big difference in the world around them. At ABM, we’re committed to aiding professionals of the Empire State in making a difference every day to every person with facility management services that help them stay on top.

An Integrated Service Plan

When it comes to building maintenance and management, our purpose is to care for the most important people, places and spaces related to your business. With seven locations to serve you around the state, our professionals will engineer a perfectly integrated facilities management service plan to meet your needs. Some services include:

  • Energy – Managing your entire energy systems can be easy with our experts on the job offering upgrades, new installs and maintenance programs.
  • Electrical – Electrical distribution is essential to reduced costs and improved value, and our comprehensive service is essential to keeping it a high-performance system.
  • Janitorial – Keeping your facility clean is best achieved with our conscientious team, using the latest technology and cleaning processes available.
  • HVAC – From new installs to upgrades, we take HVAC, plumbing, piping and mechanical systems and make them more efficient.
  • Parking – Using our best practices, our professionals help your parking facilities and systems run more smoothly and safely.
  • Landscape – With a customized landscape solution, we help you make a great first impression with a healthy, attractive turf.

    • Additionally, our mission critical team ensures your critical infrastructure systems are running at peak performance at all times. With holistic services in our GreenCare® program, we encourage recycling, green cleaning and energy reduction. You simply won’t find a more comprehensive list of services anywhere else.

      Contact Us for Service

      From the Statue of Liberty to Niagara Falls, there’s a lot of history covered in New York. At ABM, we’re making history with the wide range of building management services we offer the industries of the Empire State. Contact us today at 866-624-1520 or fill in our contact form to learn more or request service.

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