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Pittsburgh ABM Facility Management and Building Maintenance

Pittsburgh's cultural district is iconic in Pennsylvania, with a thriving art and theater scene, which brings tourists from all over. With all that foot traffic, businesses are booming. ABM understands the importance of creating an attractive and efficient business. It is why we got into facility management. We have a variety of skills and services that would make us a valuable complement to your enterprise.

1. Green Solutions

As a partner in your success, we want to ensure that your building is running as efficiently as possible. However, more than that, we want to ensure that you are having a positive impact on your community. We implement environmentally sound solutions, through recycling and energy reduction, ensuring your business is on par with the standards expected today.

2. Energy Efficiency

We offer an energy management program that is sustainable and cost-effective. Through a series of upgrades and protocols, we will improve your electrical system and reduce both administrative and utility costs. 

3. Engineering Safety and Performance

Facilities management is more than improving your companies carbon footprint and reducing utility bills. We are also invested in creating a more productive work environment through the maintenance of essential production and manufacturing equipment, ensuring the efficiency and safety of your staff.

4. Cleanliness and Presentation

In addition to engineering and electrical work, our technicians are skilled in routine building maintenance. We will establish a janitorial and grounds schedule to ensure your entire property is clean and presentable.

5. Integration of Services

The best part of our services and team is they are designed to integrate into your business flawlessly. We do not want to hamper your progress. We want to complement it and ensure your continued success.

Building management is not a secondary concern. It contributes directly to the success and efficiency of a business. Contact ABM Pittsburgh at (866) 624-1520 to speak with a representative and discuss your specific needs.

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