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ABM Facility Management & Building Maintenance | Knoxville, TN

Hiring a facility management and building maintenance company in Knoxville shouldn't be a difficult task. Luckily, ABM offers a wide variety of facilities management, building management and specialty services to companies in the Knoxville area. Partner with us and we will take care of the places and people crucial to the success of your business. 

Facilities Management and Building Maintenance Services

We are here to help our Knoxville business community keep their facilities running smoothly by offering these value-adding services:

  • Electrical Solutions – Ensure productivity and sustainability by allowing us to install and maintain your personalized electrical and lighting systems.
  • HVAC & Mechanical Solutions – Improve your building’s operations and overall efficiency with our customized heating, a/c and ventilation systems.
  • Parking & Transportation Services – Keep clients and guests safe and happy during their visits with our parking facilities management, shuttle and valet services.
  • Energy Solutions – Create a serene workspace and put money back into your budget by using our energy management programs.
  • Janitorial Services – Make your building sparkle and keep your people healthy with the cutting-edge cleaning products and technologies used by our janitorial professionals. 
  • Facilities Engineering Services – Reduce your energy use and maintain safety by allowing us to evaluate and create your facilities engineering programs.
  • Landscape & Turf – Impress important customers or make a great first impression with visitors and potential clients with beautifully designed landscape and grounds.

    • Knoxville's Ally in Facility Management and Building Management

      ABM's facility management and building management services takes the day to day upkeep of your space off your plate and allows you to concentrate on building your business. Contact us today or call 866-624-1520, or contact us at our local Knoxville office at 865-588-8063 if you have questions or need more information. You can also stop by our office conveniently located in the West Haven area at 4702 Western Avenue, Suite 101, just south of Windsor Park and west of I-75.

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