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ABM Facility Services in Sacramento, CA

Building Maintenance and Facility Services –Sacramento, CA

Sacramento, the sixth largest city in California and the state capital, has played a big part in the state’s success as a center for agriculture and innovative business since its early days during the California Gold Rush. Its convenient location in the Central Valley Sacramento–San Joaquin River Delta allows for easy access to shipping routes and industry along the San Francisco Bay. Now, the area is a prime spot for large educational institutions, such as California State University, and major health organizations. The professional NBA team the Kings make this part of California their home as well. With the diverse types of businesses in the region, ABM proudly offers our facilities management services to clients throughout the area.

Where You Can Find Us

With two accessible locations in the area, ABM can help local businesses reach their facilities management goals effectively. You’ll be able to find us in West Sacramento on Riverside Parkway, or you can visit our other location in the southeastern part of the city on Alder Avenue. Our clients experience better results by partnering with us for the following services:

  • Facilities Management: Our company can take over your building’s management or operations so you can build a better business.
  • HVAC & Mechanical: We can analyze the impact your HVAC and mechanical systems have on costs and employee productivity.
  • Energy Services: Companies that take advantage of our energy solutions can reduce energy use and costs, and save more money by choosing renewable energy sources.
  • Electrical Systems: Let us review the effectiveness and safety of your building’s electrical and power systems and offer expert suggestions for improvement.
  • Custodial Management: We can manage your building’s custodial services so you get a cleaner, safer, and more desirable environment.
  • Parking & Transportation: In a busy city environment, parking can be a headache -- we offer viable solutions to help.
  • Landscaping Services: Our team performs landscaping services to maintain a clean and attractive exterior that enhances your brand image.

Industry Experience

You can feel confident we have what it takes when choosing our company to manage your facilities. Our team has worked with organizations across many industries, so we can respond to what your individual needs are right now. Our experience has been with facilities serving organizations in industry, healthcare, education, retail, technology, government, nonprofit, and more. Simply put, your employees, tenants, management, visitors, customers, and community will be able to experience a clean, safe, and optimal environment when you partner with our team to manage your facilities.

Vision for Our Clients for the Future

Our philosophy about facilities management involves focusing on sustainable building solutions that help you be efficient and successful. We are one of the largest companies in the world that provides facilities management services, and together with our clients, we can make a difference. The people who are part of our company believe strongly in corporate and social responsibility. This is why we are constantly searching for more sustainable solutions that help our clients save resources, time, and money.

Are you ready to find out how we can get your company to be more efficient and profitable?If so, we want to hear from you. Contact us today by filling out our online form, and one of our associates will be able to answer your questions or provide a quote.
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