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Burbank ABM Facility Management & Building Maintenance

Situated just north of Hollywood, Burbank is alive with industries that feed not only the nation, but the world. Businesses in the entertainment, aerospace, retail and medical industries are making a difference in the lives of individuals every day. At ABM, we partner with these businesses to care for the most important people, places and spaces they associate with, and we want you to be a part of that. Our facility management solutions allow you and your employees to be productive in the workplace without having to worry about the finicky details of building maintenance and management.

Services That Exceed Expectations

As your clear choice for facilities management services, ABM employs engaged professionals with the experience and capability to provide you with outstanding services. Our facilities engineering team will create a plan specific to the needs your Burbank business has, allowing you to focus on building value and reducing costs. Some services we include are:

  • Energy – Our experts will put together an energy management solution that will help you achieve sustainability and cost-effectiveness.
  • Janitorial – With consistent service and innovation, we help you show your customers you care with spotless facilities.
  • Electrical – A high-performance system is essential to reducing costs, and we install and help maintain your system so it performs well all the time.
  • HVAC – Keeping your mechanical, plumbing, HVAC and piping systems running efficiently will help your budget and keep your employees productive.
  • Parking – Because your parking structure often makes the first impression, our management solutions work toward safety and security for your guests.
  • Landscape – A healthy, beautiful, pest-free landscape is an important step to success, and we tailor a solution that meets your specific needs.

Contact Us to Learn More

Your business is important, and at ABM on Alameda Avenue just off I-5 in Burbank, we are committed to helping you portray care and value to your customers through building management and maintenance services that work. Contact us today at 866-624-1520 or fill in our online form to learn more.

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